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The collection of dog kennels

Judging by the sophistication and variety of the lodgings provided for them, pet dogs and cats were pampered by their owners : travelling-kennel, stool-kennel, beach-kennel, three compartment kennel, kennel matching a suite of furniture, sofa in gilded wood ! These miniature portable homes are however extremely rare. 


Louis XV said about his dog :  
« the only one who loves me for myself ».

The inventory of Clémence of Hungary, Queen of France, contains the first mention, in 1328, of "chests for dogs".


Man have made a great number of precious furnitures, collars, or accessories. These work was considered as an creative-art and was commanding to the best artisans of the period.

Later, the "Crown Furniture Lists" of 1697 reveal the existence of large walnut kennels for the king's dogs at Marly, as well as marquetry kennels decorated with gilded bronze, one of which was used at Meudon.