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The mazes

Mazes were places for escaping. When people had worries, a little walk around the mysterious paths of the maze allowed forgetting about them.

In the gardens of Vendeuvre, near the Grotto, you will discover a couple mazes: a regular maze and an irregular one also called a field maze, where a little rabbit is hiding.

In the field maze you will see many constructions inspired by tales and legends, the one bellow inspired the Burmese pavilion which stands in the middle of the maze.ß

During Burmese antiquity, the princess Pyu who was a very gifted person, made her people despair because of her melancholy.

The king Vesali and the queen went to take advice from the wise man Mahu Muni, who after a few days gave his oracle:

"Only the moon's melody will cure the princess"

During entire nights, the king Vesali wondered around on his white elephant trying to solve the riddle. A night of full moon, he stopped next to the water and the elephant sucked in the reflection of the moon which by magic transformed itself into a bronze disk with a nice tone.

As he hit the disk, the first sound opened the ears of the princess, the second awoke her mind and the third animated her soul. The princess was cured.

Since then, the ancient Burmese call on the music of the moon disk to relieve people from melancholy.