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The House of le Forestier 
Descendant of the counts of Flanders and of the famous Lyderic, The Forester family came in Normandy with their parent queen Mathilde, daughter of the count of Flanders.
Cartulairs of abbeys and chronicles gives evidence that this family was powerful and considered. In 12th century, Geoffroy Le Forestier represented among the councillors of the king of England Henri II. In 1202, the chronicles of Avranchin evoke Robert Le Forestier " this young and generous heir ".   
In the High Middle Ages, It is, in France, in Cotentin (Manche), that this family possessed numerous lands, around the seigneury of Osseville.
Confirmed by Monfault in 1463, and Chamillard in 1666, The Forester divided into several branches established in Basse-Normandie: Osseville, Vendeuvre, Mobecq, Periers, Saint Patrice, Hugueville, Muneville. The elder branch settled down to Vendeuvre by the marriage in 1739 of Alexandre Le Forestier d' Osseville with Jeanne Gabriele de Beaurepaire de Louvagny lady of Vendeuvre.

Genealogy since the 18th century

Alexandre le Forestier de Vendeuvre
born 22-XI-1976 


Count Alexandre of Vendeuvre

married D. de La Chapelle
on 28th April 2012, Guitres (Gironde)
(born 20-VII-1975)


Guy Le Forestier de Vendeuvre
born 12-X-1935 


8th Count of Vendeuvre

married Elyane de Grimouard (born 12-X-1942)



Jacques Le Forestier de Vendeuvre


7th Count of Vendeuvre

married Henriette Bizard


Guy Le Forestier de Vendeuvre


6th Count of Vendeuvre

married Marguerite de Vernou-Bonneuil


Robert le Forestier de Vendeuvre


5th Count of Vendeuvre

married Marthe de Parseval


Anatole Le Forestier de Vendeuvre


4th Count of Vendeuvre

married Amélie Le Prévost de Vernois


Augustin Le Forestier de Vendeuvre


3rd Count of Vendeuvre

married Louise-Aimée de Vitray-Wiscardel


Jacques Alexandre Le Forestier de Vendeuvre


2nd Count of Vendeuvre

married Camille de Launay d'Eterville


Alexandre Le Forestier de Vendeuvre


1st Count of Vendeuvre

married Antoinette de Beaurepaire, lady of Vendeuvre