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Amazing Objects

The purpose of collectors' display cabinets, so fashionable since the 16th century, was to preserve and present anything that was rare, precious or unusual, collected with enthusiasm by amateurs fascinated by art, innovation, and foreign parts. Their small size made it easier to accumulate these treasures which became even more attractive when grouped together.

Miniature objects exist in all fields of craftsmanship and represent a genuine panorama of the decorative arts. In particular the Museum displays

Miniature books - books are referred to as "miniature editions" when they are less than 6 cm (or sometimes 10cm) in height, but the essential criteria are the quality of the printing, the text and the binding.

ceramics - china and porcelain - miniature table services and toilet articles are the most representative articles. 

Miniature clockmaking - minute watches or clocks, still in working order.




Miniature glassware was produced from the Middle Ages onwards, and Nevers was famous for this in the 18th century, along with Venice and Bohemia.

Ivories and miniature fans, which were at their apogee in the 18th century

enamels, weapons, musical instruments, miniature family portraits, sewing kits, make-up sets, writing instruments, games, dancing shoes, etc.