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 International reference in Normandy

Alexandre Le Forestier d' Osseville, descendant of the Foresters whom became in the IXth century counts of Flanders, marries in 1739, Jeanne Gabrielle de Beaurepaire de Louvagny lady of Vendeuvre. From 1741 and according to the plans of Jacques-Francois Blondel, the current chateau is built. Passed on from father to son since its construction, Vendeuvre is the rare prototype of a countryside residence which preserved its decoration and its original furniture.

The important internal and outside caterings allowed to protect Vendeuvre, still one of the rare family castles at the beginning of the XXIth century.

In the Chateau, each room approaches a subject of the lifestyle, presented by automatons: the toilet, the dinner set, the writing, games and tobacco.


In the Orangery of the Castle, the international miniature furniture museum presents more than 700 miniature furniture pieces, masterpieces of craftmen and thousands of lilliputians objects. International reference, this magic collection was constituted by the current countess of Vendeuvre who received, at the age of seven, a magnificent miniature secretary in marquetry of the 18th century. It was the starting point of this splendid panorama reduced scale of decorative arts from the 16th century to 1930.


Unusual gardens of water "surprises" were recreated being inspired by an old family tradition. The originality and the aestheticism are the results(profits) of the passion of the current Count de Vendeuvre who succeeded in recreating, down to the smallest detail, theses gateweays to a an enchanting dream world.

The nature is domesticated through: the water gardens, the utility garden, private gardens behind the grotto, the mazes and the new exotic garden created by the Viscount of Vendeuvre.